" "Turning Idle Assets Into Working Capital"



Bottom Line Exchange Inc. has been a liquidator of corporate assets since 1984. Our customers include major fortune 100 corporations, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., Resolution Trust Corp., innumerable dotcoms and midsize companies. We provide appraisal and liquidation consultation services, private sales, and auction sales. Our highly technical experience allows us to quickly evaluate a large variety of high tech corporate assets and to quickly present a marketing plan which returns the highest dollar at liquidation. Please call us to inquire about our services.










Household Name - Travel Website - Former HQ

Top Line Everything for the Modern Office

Furnishings: 1000 Herman Miller Action Office 2 (AO2) Workstations in flexible configurations - Singles and Doubles - Standing and sitting configurations, (64) Kimball/National U-shaped Maple Suites, (1000)+ Chairs by Herman Miller and Sit-on-it. Everything from 2008-2012 in excellent condition.

(20+) Complete Conference Rooms & Training Areas, Sofas,

End-Tables.Harter Lounge Furniture. Deals!

141-165 Needham Street Newton, MA

Office Equipment: Polycom Soundstations & Internet Phones,Steel& Wood Shelving, Rolling Carts, Metro Racks, Beautiful Salt Water FishTank w/
Artificial Reef, Glass Shelving, Ultramodern Reception Station, Bar, (3) Kitchens of Cabinets, top-of-the-line Lights, Lamps, Curtains, Maintenance Supplies, Etc. Millions at Cost!

Fitness Equipment: True LC900, Cybex 425a, True PS900, Racks &
Weights, (2) True LC1100, Mats, Bars & Benches & More...Etc. Etc.


Click here for photos of Former TripAdvisor HQ

Click here for copy of the Boston Globe Ad: Public Sale Ad


Additional Liquidation Projects ongoing:


(3,200) Workstations from major financial services co. (Bulk Sales)

(45) Maple Suites by Bernhardt and Geiger

Large inventory of contemporary office and home furnishings at our warehouse in Southborough

ALSO: Benching Stations for shared Tech space













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